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Open Bids


9302 SR 269, Bellevue, Ohio 44811 


We will be accepting Bids for the following work.  

This job is for the clean-up of the above-mentioned property and will include the following. 

Scope of Work: Debris Removal: 

The contractor shall warrant and agree, by execution of the contract, that all debris will be removed from the site has been performed in a manner that complies with the Groton Township Trustees, and Zoning Inspector. 


Under this quote shall include all labor, tools, equipment and incidental necessary for the removal and satisfactory disposal of all debris which are not designed or permitted to remain. The exterior items include all unwanted equipment, instruments, and various other forms of refuse on and in the YARD, DECK, DRIVEWAY AND PORCH.  Trash and debris shall be removed from the subject property and the property shall be neat and clean at completion.  


Additional Information for Interested Contractors: 

The contractor is responsible for the disposal of all debris including but not limited to all types of material.  

Solicited Bid deadline: 

All Solicited Bids will be due in my office not later than January 29, 2024, by 12:00 P.M. and will be decided on at the Trustee Meeting February 1, 2024. 


For questions contact: 

Groton Township Zoning  

9414 Portland Rd. 

Castalia, Ohio 44824 


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