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photo of a child watering some plants


  • Rules
    1. See rules posted on the inside of the Picnic Shelter 2. Picnic tables are not to be removed from the shelter and placed in the yard. 3. Empty trash barrels in the dumpster on the east side of the building - across from the recycle bin. Renter must supply their own trash bags. 4. Premises must be vacated by 10 PM. 5. Loud music is not permitted. 6. ABSOLUTELY no alcohol of any type is permitted on the premises 7. DO NOT block any of the garage doors on the building - park in the lots provided. Do not park in the YARD!!!!! 8. NO OPEN FLAMES 9. Failure to follow the rules will result in forfeit of security deposit. 10. Have any problems please call one of the following: *Renee Schoen - 419-217-5693 *Ron Brown - 419-217-1810 *Dennis Schreiner - 419-271-4601
  • Rental Fees
    $100.00 For Shelter Plus $100.00 Security Deposit Effective 1-20-2022
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